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Saturday, December 22, 2007

'Tis The Season for Hatred Against the Nativity

Across the country, cities and small towns will be staring down the barrel of lawsuits and hostility for displaying a Nativity Scene.

Nativity scene is challenged
Numerous Nativity Scenes Vandalized Nationwide
Police investigate vandalism of Oregon nativity scenes
Manitowoc courthouse nativity scene challenged, too
Christmas decorations vandalized
Oklahoma City Issues a Total Ban on Christmas
Freedom From Religion Foundation Leads Another Attack on Baby Jesus
Church Leaders Forgive Girls Who Admitted Stealing From Nativity Scene
Nativity scene disputes not an issue in Waukesha County - Leaders say arguments like those seen in Green Bay unlikely here
Some people will even steal baby Jesus
Church Nativity Scene Destroyed In Vandalism
Repairs made after vandals damage Middlebury creche
Nativity scene 'illegal, disturbing' - Crèche alienates religious minorities, Manitowoc businessman says
Green Bay mayor asked to take down the Nativity - City Council vice president wants to end fight, avoid suit
Town urged to remove Nativity scene - Display makes national list of religion in government
Why The Christmas Wars Matter
Religion belongs in Public Square
Kwanzaa plans divide Shelby County workers
Fighting against a Christless Christmas
Signs of Season Include Legal Spats Over Church-State Issues
Eugene police investigate bizarre Nativity scene substitutions - Eugene police are investigating two cases in which Jesus figurines were stolen from Nativity scenes, and pig's heads were left in the mangers
Goodwill lacking in Yule disputes - Christmas fervor is prompting more communities this year to buck secular efforts to take down Christmas trees or Nativity scenes

Baby Jesus Stolen from Nativity in Northampton Co.

Atheists Protest Menominee's Plan for Nativity Scene
Detroit suburb to vote on nativity display
Nativity display OK for Washington state Capitol rotunda
Trees and lights, no religion in Seattle airport seasonal display
Nativity dispute divides Berkley
Officials oppose return of Nativity
'Nativity Project' promoting national celebration
'We must remember Constitution promises freedom 'of' religion not 'from' religion'

Even though the display of the Nativity is constitutionally protected, as long as other belief triaditions have equal access, organizations such as the Freedom from Religion and Americans Uniter for Separation do not pursue constitutionally protected rights of the Christian faith. Instead they issue threatening letters and legal actions to eliminate the expressions of Christian faith from public display. Their goal is not to defend baby Jesus' legal rights but to have him imprisoned.

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