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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Freedom From Religion Foundation Leads Another Attack on Baby Jesus

The nonprofit organization, Foundation To Preserve and Promote the Nativity, assembled the annual nativity, a hand-carved display made from Arkansas woods, in honor of the Federally recognized holiday - Christmas. But since it is sitting on the property of the Arkansas State Capital, the Freedom From Religion organization has written their complaint letter to the Governor, representing an anonymous Arkansan.

Capitol Nativity Scene Sparks Controversy

Capitol’s Nativity scene agitates national group

In response to another one of many nativity attacks, David Cortman of the Alliance Defense Fund reminds us, "The attacks on Christmas are simply part of a larger war being waged on anything and everything Christian. The American people, common sense, and the Constitution are clearly winning the battles against Christmas waged by the Left. Unfortunately, the misguided belief that we must sanitize Christmas to keep from offending a small segment of the population still exists."

ADF attorneys offer to defend Ga. town against legal challenge to nativity scene

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