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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

American Psychological Association needs Therapy when it comes to Homosexuality

The APA established a task force to review their policy on homosexuality. Organizations that provide treatment to restore individuals' heterosexuality have been trying to work with the APA. But it seems the APA is in a state of denial when it comes to people overcoming their same-sex attraction (SSA). Could the APA be rejecting the counseling experience because it comes from Christian organizations, such as Focus on the Family, or because faith is effective in the therapy process?

APA Shuns Academic and Religious Coalition on Homosexuality

Debbie Thurman, a form lesbian and family mental health advocate, fears that therapists who treat homosexuality will be forced out of the APA because of the APA mission to legitimize homosexuality.

Message from "Ex-Gays" to American Psychiatric Association: Don't Ban Therapy

Ex-Homosexuals Persecuted by "Tolerance" Pro-Homosexual Protesters

San Diego Homosexuals Issue Death Threats Against Ex-Gay

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