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Monday, September 12, 2005

San Diego Schools Discriminate Against After-School Programs Teaching "Moral Values"

San Diego Unified School District policies provide free access to their facilities for after-school programs - with the exception of the Christian organization Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), which the schools singled-out with monthly fees. CEF took the school district to court, claiming discrimination against the Christian Good News Club after-school program. Since CEF compared the Good News Club with the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, which had free access to school facilities, the school district decided to discriminate equally against all organizations that teach "moral values" by imposing the same monthly permit fees and rental fees. This leaves the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts scrambling to find meeting locations, now that the San Diego School District has imposed the financial hardship of monthly fees. Other "secular" groups continue to have fee access to school facilities.

Scouts seek new places

Judge to Decide on San Diego Discriminatory Treatment of Christian After-School Program

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