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Friday, September 09, 2005

American Atheists Urge President Bush - Don't Prayer for Hurricane Katrina Victims - It's Unconstitutional

Ellen Johnson, president of the American Atheists organization, is urging President Bush not to encourage anyone to pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Johnson states that President Bush "should not be violating the Constitution by telling people to pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It's unconstitutional for government officials to be promoting religion."

The communications director for American Atheists, Dave Silverman, is blaming God for hurricane Katrina and the relief effort, stating "It appears that despite all of the outbursts of public religiosity and prayer, 'God' was once again asleep at the wheel. Only human beings can deal with the calamities of the natural world. God doesn't seem to be much help when it comes to rushing food, water, or antibiotics when people are suffering."

Atheists: No prayer for disaster victims - U.S. group says president violating Constitution by urging pleas to God

In the mean time, many organizations and news outlets are finding God's hand in hurricane Katrina and the rescue effort.

New Orleans City Council President: "Maybe God's Going To Cleanse Us"

Hurricane survivors reflect on faith, God

Hurricane Katrina Faith-Based Relief Efforts

Some evacuees see religious message in Katrina - Across three states, survivors weigh links among faith, sin and the storm

Hurricane hits just before homosexual event - Act of God prevented 'Southern Decadence' festival

Amid the Ruins, Worshipers Pause to Pray and Receive Messages of Hope

Even with Hurricane Katrina, God is in control

'We just thank God': Orangeburg family grateful for family members found in hurricane aftermath

Katrina calls for ‘spiritual S.O.S.’


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