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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

10-Year-Old's Legal Case to Defend Right to Read Bible During Recess

Officials of Karns Elementary School and Knox County School District of Tennessee, deny students the right to read their Bibles during recess. One such student is 10-year-old Luke Whitson, who is being represented by Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF). His court case is pending.

ADF attorneys ask court to let 10-year-old student read Bible at recess

In a letter issued in 2003 by the U.S. Secretary of Education to all public schools, "...the First Amendment ... protects religious activity that is initiated by private individuals such as students. Therefore among other things, students may read their Bibles or other scriptures, say grace before meals, and pray or study religious materials with fellow students during recess, the lunch hour, or other noninstructional time to the same extent that they may engage in nonreligious activities."

Secretary's Letter on Constitutionally Protected Prayer in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

Elementary School Principal Tells Kids -Can't Bring Bibles to School

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