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Friday, May 13, 2005

Elementary School Principal Tells Kids -
Can't Bring Bibles to School

Luke Whitson, a ten-year-old at the Karns Tennessee Elementary School, used his recess time to read the Bible with his friends. The parent of another student complained to the school principal, Cathy Summa. Summa informed Luke that he could not bring nor study a Bible at school.

The Whitson parents and others registered their complaint to the principal but determined that it required legal action. The Alliance Defend Fund was brought in to inform the principal of the constitutionally protected rights of the students. A response from the school is pending.

Ten-year-old student and friends told to put away their Bibles during recess

Alliance Defense Fund

U.S. Secretary of Education - Letter on Constitutionally Protected Prayer (and Bible reading) in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

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