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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

If you think about something religious during a moment of silence, this must be a Congressional Establishing of Religion

Is it any surprise that a high schooler is rebelling over being asked to be silent, even for a moment? That's exactly the position of freshman (and atheist) Dawn Sherman, when her high school, Buffalo Grove High, in Chicago, Illinois, began implementing a state law which requires a moment of silence at the start of the school day. Unfortunately, Sherman is outraged that a moment of silent contemplation may cause someone to think about "prayer" or something Godly. But if Sherman thinks about something "Godly" during a moment of silence, the state is not responsible for her thoughts, she is. The violation agaist her desire to oppose Godly thoughts is not caused by the state but by Sherman, yet she holds the State responsible for her thinking. Perhaps these thoughts are actually inspired by the Holy Spirit.

In any case the Anti-Religion Thought Police come at any age. And her dad, Rob Sherman, is in full agreement.

Some vocal about moment of silence

Judge upholds moment of silence in Texas schools

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