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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Iowa Courts Shut-Down Effective Prisoner Restoration Program - Because it's Faith-Based

Prison Fellowship Ministries is a global organization serving prisoners and ex-prisoners spiritual, moral, social and physical well-being along with their families and victims of crime. It has been proven effective in significantly reducing recidivism rates. Unfortunately, since it's a faith-based program, those who actively pursue the eliminate of faith in public life, have moved through the courts to have the program canceled and any funding received reimbursed.

Score one for those seeking to keep separate the Church and the State. A federal appeals court has ruled the Prison Fellowship Ministries cannot use government funding to operate, and the state of Iowa must shut it down.

Fortunately the program was able to secure private funding and Iowa governor, Mike Beebe, is looking for the courts to stay out of the way of the program's restoration.

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