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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

University of Wisconsin has not Learned a Thing about their Religious Discimination

After being reluctently instructed by several legal firms, including the Alliance Defense Fund, of their discriminatory practices against faith-based student groups, the University of Wisconsin is at it again. According to the Christian legal group, Roman Catholic Foundation, university officials have violated a settlement agreement which they agreed to seven months ago. The university provides funds for student group activities but for years has denied the largest student group equal funding because they are faith-based. In May 2007 the university settled and agree to practice equal treatment to religious student groups. But it seems university officials haven't learned a thing and are at it again.

David Hacker, of Alliance Defense Fund, noted "because university officials failed to follow the terms of the settlement agreement, we are asking the court to step in and make sure the rights of Christian students are protected."

Religious Club Demands Equal Treatment from University

University of Wisconsin Denies Funding to Religious Student Groups

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