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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Judge Ends ACLU Oppression, Intimidation, Harassment Over Mt. Soledad Cross

Federal District Judge Larry Alan Burns had to blocked the ACLU from issuing a subpoena to the defending legal representation over the case of the California Mt. Soledad Cross, a legal case extending over 13 years. In his ruling, judge Alan wrote, "In this type of situation, the Court must be particularly vigilant to accord non-party activists and political opponents such as LiMandri the broad protection."

The subpoena was against the West Coast Regional Director of the Thomas More Law Center, Charles LiMandri, defendent of the Cross. Richard Thompson, President of the Thomas More Law Center, commented, "The ACLU’s repeated attempts to take Mr. LiMandri’s deposition was nothing more than an attempt to intimidate and harass him. It was meant as a warning to all citizens that those who oppose the ACLU’s agenda could be hauled in and subjected to interrogation under oath. The ACLU’s actions in this case should be considered a threat to the liberty of every American."

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