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Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Americans United For Separation" ignores research in their attacks against
Faith-Based Prison Programs

The Prison Fellow program has published analysis on the success of their prisoner rehabilitation program. In brief:

  • Two and a half times fewer infractions among those who went to Prison Fellowship programs

  • Only 14% of those who attended at least 10 PF Bible studies in a year were rearrested, compared with 41% of the non-PF group

  • Only 19% of the PF women recidivated, compared to 47% of the control group women

  • 25 percent were returned to prison for parole violations or new crimes-despite the fact that their risk/needs scores predicted an average recidivism rate of about 50 percent

According to Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation, "there's not one serious scientific study that shows that faith-based prisons do any better at cutting recivicism, the rate of people going back into prisons, than other quality programs."

Is Lynn reviewing the analysis?

Barry Lynn Calls Faith Based Prison Programs "Constitutional Quicksand" While Denying Studies on Recitivism

Prison Fellowship

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