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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Homosexual Agenda -
Criminalization of Christianity

"The biggest threat to our religious freedoms today, bar none, is the homosexual agenda!"

In The Criminalization of Christianity, Janet Folger declares "There is a war going on for the future of our country. Most people know that. What they may not know is that if Christians lose this war, the result won’t merely be enduring public policy we disagree with—it will be a prison sentence for those who oppose it.”

"What is going on in our country today signals a wake-up call for Christians in America and I want to expose the truth that Christianity is being criminalized—and to encourage people of faith that we must stand up against it now."

The Main Goal of the Homosexual Agenda is the Criminalization of Christianity says Janet Folger, Author of The Criminalization of Christianity

There is no Homosexual Agenda -Except The Agenda They Announced

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