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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Red Cross Fires Christian for Questioning Promotion of Gay Pride Month

Michael Hartman was an employee of the American Red Cross when Chief Diversity Officer David Wilkins began sending emails and hanging posters encouraging observation of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. Hartman expressed his concern that the organization should not promote a particular agenda. In one email, he stated "I think it's disgraceful that while most of us [at the Red Cross] are trying to save lives, a select few are using this organization to promote their own lifestyles which in my opinion are unacceptable." The Red Cross, an organization that rejects donated blood from gays because of the high prevalence of AIDS in the gay male population, reprimanded Hartment for his "inappropriate" emails. He was put on administrative leave and shortly there after was terminated.

Man Fired By American Red Cross For Not Celebrating Homosexuality

Red Cross Defensive About Michael Hartman Case

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