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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Pressures The California Medical Association to Discriminate Against Christian Physician

Guadalupe Benitez, a San Diego lesbian, requested a referral from her health care provider for an artificial insemination procedure. Her medical plan only covered the North Coast Women's Care Medical Group (NCWMG). Benitez informed Dr. Christine Brody, her NCWCMG physician, that being a lesbian, she would require artificial insemination to become impregnated. Dr. Brody informed Benitze that, because of Christian conscience, she could not impregnate homosexuals but would refer Benitze to another physician.

Benitez sued Dr. Brody and NCWMG claiming trauma from being "dumped" as a patient.

The California Medical Association and the Christian Medical and Dental Association filed amicus briefs in favor of Dr. Brody. The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association has pressured the California Medical Association to withdrawal their brief.

California Medical Association Urged Not To Support Doctors Who Discriminate

Lesbian Sues Christian Doctor Over Refusal to Inseminate

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