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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Religious Broadcasters Oppose Bill that will Jeopardize Religious Broadcasting

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is urging their 1400 members to notify Congress of their opposition to The Localism in Broadcasting Reform Act of 2005.

According to Robert McFarland, NRB Vice President of Communications, “This kind of legislation is especially dangerous because it places ‘public interest’ concerns under a microscope and empowers virtually anyone to say what is or is not in the ‘public interest.' It is imperative that we not allow those hostile to the Christian faith the opportunity to define preaching the Gospel as not being in the public interest.”

According to Senator John McCain, who introduced this bill as a result of poor local coverage of political candidates during the 2004 elections, "it should have a large impact on those citizens whose local broadcaster is not meeting its obligation to serve the local community. I refuse to believe that the “public interest” is served by three minutes of campaign coverage and a 12 second sound bite from a candidate during a half-hour local news program. Citizens deserve more from their local broadcaster.”

Religious Broadcasters Reject New Bill


HR 1665 IH - Localism in Broadcasting Reform Act of 2005

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