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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Flat Earth" Invented by Scientists
to Pit Science Against Church

Did early Christians teach that the Earth was flat? History reveals that Secular Scientists originated the "flat Earth" theory - pinning the theory on Christians as a way to incite hostility towards the Church and remove the Church from Science. There was virtually no religious or secular references to a flat earth before 1870. The notion of a flat Earth began appearing in secular science books, attributing the flat Earth theory to Church teachings.

Debunking The Flat Earth Myth - Historians and scientists have exonerated the medieval church from teaching that the earth was flat

One example of propagating this myth is Andrew Dickson White, founder of the secular Cornell University. White published The Warfare of Science with Theology, which delivered this mis-information about Church teachings on flat Earth. White was forced to acknowledge that many great Church figures recognized that the Earth was a sphere.

Who invented the flat Earth?

Today secular science still attributes the flat Earth theory to the Church in an attempt to remove religious scientists from analyzing the teachings of Evolution.

Not The Flat Earth Myth Again!

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