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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

San Diego Singles-Out Christian After-School Program with Rental Fees

The San Diego City School District procedures for using school facilities indicates "community organizations whose primary purpose is service to district youth or the general welfare of the community" have access to District facilities without charge. When Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) applied for use of the school facilities for their after-school Good News Clubs, District officials singled-out the group and insisted that CEF pay "fair rental value," even after CEF provided Supreme Court cases that require equal access.

Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, representing Child Evangelism Fellowship, stated "Imposing a financial barrier based on the religious viewpoint of groups seeking access to public property violates the First Amendment. A policy that excludes persons or groups from using school facilities or that imposes discriminatory fees, solely because of the group's religious viewpoint, is unconstitutional."

Child Evangelism Fellowship Files Suit To Eliminate Discriminatory Fees Charged To Good News Club For Use Of School Facilities

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