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Thursday, December 13, 2007

School Gets Sued over Praying Parents

A group called Praying Parents meets once a month in the Lebanon, Tennessee Lakeview Elementary School. The group leaves a card on the desks of those they prayed for. The schools' web site includes a reference to the group. The school web site also lists the annual National Day of Prayer.

So, it's no surprise that anonymous parents and their anonymous student teamed up with the ACLU to file a federal lawsuit.

Many individuals and organizations have come to defend the school. One mother, Lisa Noble, commented "Education got worse when they took the prayer out of school. I'm very much in support of it."

Jonathan Scruggs of the Alliance Defense Fund, commented "schools are not religion-free zones; religious speech can occur at school to the same extent that other speech occurs."

Church-state lawsuit may be settled today

Family Files Lawsuit Against Elementary School

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