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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Atheists Accuse All "Religion" of 9/11 Tragedy With Hate-Speach Display

The town of Vernon, Connecticut made it a policy to allow different religious displays in their Central Park. The Connecticut Valley Atheists group took advantage of this policy by erecting a display, consisting of the World Trade Center, Twin Towers surrounded by the phrase "IMAGINE NO RELIGION." The display has irked the residents along with people of faith throughout the country. Their display was able to qualify for erection because it including a panel on the "Winter Solstice."

'Imagine no religion,' says atheists' display

Fortunately Mayor Jason L. McCoy recognizes that the "IMAGINE NO RELIGION" panel is not a religious display, but is hate speech, so he had a tree erected in front of it.

Atheists call on Vernon mayor to move tree away from sign

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