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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Canadian Christian Ready for Jail for Stance on Homosexuality

Ron Gray, head of The Christian Heritage Party of Canada, is under investigation by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). Charges were filed by militant homosexual activist Rob Wells. Gray referred to aspects of the homosexual movement as attempting to "normalize sexual perversion" in schools "to recruit our children into their debauched lifestyle" and other comments about the homosexual movement destroying family morals.

The CHRC will need to determine if the gay lifestyle (such as men have sex in the feces of other anonymous men and the frequency of gay pedophiles) are normal, healthy lifestyles.

"I really think this is a crucial case because if an agency of the government, which the CHRC is, can tell a political party what it may and may not include in its political statements we have gone way down the road to totalitarianism," Gray said.

Christian Political Party Before Human Rights Commission for Speaking Against Homosexuality - Leader says: "I'm willing to go to jail over this"

"Pedophilia more common among 'gays'"

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