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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

British Airways Check-in Clerk Experiences
- A Culture of Hostility to Christianity

Nadia Eweida was a check-in clerk for British Airways at Heathrow Airport. In October 2006 she wore her tiny crucifix necklace. She was order to remove or conceal the jewelry. When she refused, she was put on unpaid leave. Employees of other faiths are allowed to wear religious apparel while she was singled-out because her religious apparel was Christian.

As Eweida describes it, "The atmosphere in British Airways is one of hostility/suppression of Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality."

BA did institute policy changes, but those changes only appeared in paper and not in implementation. They also offered to settle with an ex-gratia payment and a donation to UNICEF, but Eweida refused. Court tribunal hearing are under way.

BA hostile to Christianity, check-in clerk tells tribunal

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