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Sunday, November 25, 2007

7-Year-Old Finds His Calling
- Selling Rocks to Feed the Needy

7-year-old Caden Stufflebeam of Missoula, Montana, collects rocks. "I just walk around and find them - some by my grandma's apartment, some up by Libby Creek. Once I collected so many rocks, my bag started to break so we had to hurry home." But Caden doen't collect them for his own interest. He sells them on the sidewalk, like a lemonaide stand, to make money to feed the needy. According to Caden, "I think God has a purpose for me to sell rocks. Then I can buy more bags for the hungry." Do you need any rocks?

Rocks to riches: Missoula boy sells stones he finds to buy food for needy

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