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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Valedictorian Denied Her Deploma For Professing Her Faith

Erika Corder was 1 of 15 seniors at the Monument Colorado Lewis Palmer High School, scheduled to give a valedictorian speech at their graduation ceremony. Erika, a Christian student, knew that she had to share the good news of Jesus. She also knew that, if she presented her message to her principal beforehand, that she would not get approval to present it. So she decided to exercise her First Amendment liberties at the ceremony. As a result of her speech, Erika's diploma was withheld from her until she issued an apology to the community. She reluctantly did apologize for not getting approval for her message about Jesus.

Erika Corder has filed a federal lawsuit against her former high school in the hopes that her case will allow other student to be able to exercise their religious liberties without fear of reprisal.

God, free speech and a lawsuit - Wheaton College student takes her graduation address fight to courts

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