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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Britney Spears - A Life Of Self-Destruction
- Featured in Kinky Confessional Photos With Priest

How low can Britney Spears go before she completely destroys herself. In her latest outrageous stunt for her new album, Spears is featured in some kinky pictures inside a church confessional with a priest.

Kiera McCaffrey of The Catholic League’s commented, "If everything were going well, not only in her personal life but in her career, this sort of thing wouldn’t be necessary. Britney Spears has certainly had hits before and back before she had this crash she didn’t need to resort to this kind of nonsense."

Britney’s newest publicity stunt involves inappropriate photos with "priest"

Britney, we are praying for you.

Kentucky megachurch to send 'Jesus Loves You' letters to Britney Spears

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