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Friday, March 10, 2006

Soulforce Kicks-Off "Learning to Respect Differences" Bus Tour by Maligning Christian Universities as Source of "Oppression"

Soulforce, the homosexual advocacy organization, began their bus tour, visiting Christian universities, demonstrating their goals to "advance education, civil dialogue, learning to respect difference." The tours was kicked-off by the organization's founder, Jacob Reitan, maligning Christian universities. "We must cut off the suffering at its source. The source is religion-based oppression, and it has taken place for centuries," were the words Reitan.

The Soulforce Mission Statement includes the statement, Spiritual violence is the misuse of religion to sanction the condemnation and rejection of any of GodÂ’s children. Misusing religion and/or God to support societyÂ’s bias against sexual and gender minorities also inappropriately justifies psychological, legal and physical violence against them. Some zealots blatantly articulate spiritual violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people...

Soulforce Equality Ride Embarks from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Headquarters

Regent University Uninvites Equality Riders, Banning the Gay Activists from Campus

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