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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Connecticut Catholic Hospitals Forced to Obey State Instead of Christian Beliefs

A bill is presently before the Connecticut legislature that would force Catholic Hospitals to dispense the Plan B, morning-after pill. Among those supporting the bill is John DeStefano, the mayor of New Haven.

Rev. John Gatzak, director for the archdiocese of Hartford, noted "The fundamental reason why the church does not dispense Plan B (the morning-after pill) is that it is an abortifacient and to do so would be immoral, according to the religious understanding of the Catholic Church.”

Bill O’Brien, president of the Connecticut Right to Life, commented that those supporting this bill "are spitting on the graves of the people that died and gave their lives for freedom of religion in this country."

Connecticut Bill Would Force Catholic Hospitals to Give Morning After Pill

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