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Thursday, October 13, 2005

National Science Foundation and University of California Use Religious "Propaganda" to Promote Evolution

Jeanne Caldwell , a California parent, has filed a half-million dollar lawsuit against the National Science Foundation and the University of California for using federal funds to teach students pro-evolution religious beliefs.

Larry Caldwell, president of Quality Science Education for All and co-counsel in the suit with the Pacific Justice Institute, stated, "In this stunning example of hypocrisy, the same people who so loudly proclaim that they oppose discussion of religion in science classes are clamoring for public school teachers to expressly use theology in order to convince students to support evolution." The defendants recommend religious classroom activities that promote evolution, only present religious viewpoints that support evolution and warn students against "conservative Christians."

"While the government has a legitimate purpose in educating students about the science of evolution, it's outrageous that tax dollars would be spent to indoctrinate students into a particular religious view of evolution," said plaintiff Jeanne Caldwell. "There are many different religious views about evolution. How dare the government tell students which religious view is correct! This is propaganda, not education."

Feds fund religious promotion of evolution - Darwin defender sued for website warning of 'conservative Christians'

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