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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Redlands CA next in ACLU Scorched-Earth Removal of Religious Symbols

The city of Redlands California, otherwise known as "city of churches", has displayed their city seal since 1963. The ACLU, in there effort to eliminate all religious symbols from public display, are threatening a lawsuit to have a small cross removed from the city seal. A voter initiative is scheduled to incorporate the seal into the city code. Scott Siegel, a Redlands resident and responsible for initiating the ballot initiative, stated symbol represents the legacy of religion in Redlands.

The Redmond ballot initiative web site states, "the ACLU is able to bully city councils not by convincing people of their position but with the threat of costly legal battles. The only way to stop the ACLU is for cities to stand up and defend their heritage."

Supporters of the cross make their case - Backers of Measure Q, the initiative to make a Christian cross a formal part of the city seal, want to tell ACLU to take a hike

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