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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Public Officials and Liberal Clergy Protest Christian Dad Standing Up for Parental Rights

When David Parker of Lexington Massachusetts discovered that his son was being exposed to homosexuality and transgenderism in his Estabrook Elementary School kindergarten class, he took steps to opt-out his son from these subjects. The principal refused to accommodate Parker - so Parker refused to leave until his request could be accommodated. This lead to the arrest of Parker on charges of criminal trespassing. His jury trial begins September 21st.

A group of David Parker supporters gathered to protest the banning of Parker from entering school property. They were met by angry pro-gay activitists - spitting and shouting obscenities. Parker himself had to be escorted away by police, fearing for his personal safety. Included in the pro-gay group where liberal religious leaders and public officials, including Helen Cohen, Chairman of the Lexington School Committee, Rabbi Howard Jaffee, Rev. Judy Brain and Rev. Bill Clark. Children also participated in the anti-Parker rally.

"You could see the look in their eyes, even the kids. It was eerie. They really can't stand us, as if we're polluting their town just by being here," was the comment from one supporter of David Parker.

Dad Banned From Son's School, Still Fighting

Lexington Police intervene to prevent violence against David Parker at rally in Lexington

Father Attempts to Opt-Out his Kindergarten Son -School Officials Have Him Arrested

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