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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Florida Church Targeting by Protesters

If you attend First Baptist Church in Brandon Florida on any given Sunday, you may be greeted by the atheists, drag-queens, homosexual activists or other unusually dressing individuals picketing outside the church. As you approach, they may yell obscenities or names such as "bigoted" or "antichrist." If you stick around outside, you may see members of the church bringing water and donuts to the picketers, which does not stop the profanity aimed at church members. This all because pastor Tommy Green decided to take a stand against pornography and homosexuality.

"I feel that what we are experiencing is what is yet to come. I think that the more our churches are verbal and visible and vocal in regards to the truth, and then when it's brought to a very public format -- as it's been in Hillsborough County -- this is going to be something that our churches are going to face. People who have no regard for Scripture, for truth, have no hesitation in lashing out against the church and standing publicly against the church," pastor Green commented.

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