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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Christian Short Film Winner of
2005 Tribeca Competition

The 2005 winner of the Amazon Theater/Tribeca Film Festival Short Film Competition is Rachel's Challenge.

Rachel's Challenge, a film by Jon Lindgren, is about Rachel Scott, a Christian student who was killed along with other students during the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. The film depicts the messages God gave to Rachel to prepare her, her friends and loved ones for her death at Columbine.

Her final words on this Earth were spoken to her killer. After Eric Harris shot Rachel six times, he approached her and asked "Do you still believe in God?" She gave her final words before he shot her dead - "You know I do."

Christian Film Wins Big Prize - A 7-minute movie about Columbine High School victim Rachel Scott takes home the $50,000 grand prize in the Tribeca Film Festival's Short Film Competition

Tribeca Screen Room - Rachel's Challenge

Rachel Scott

Rachel's supernatural Columbine experiences were similar to another Christian student, Cassie Bernall. In her final moment on this Earth, Cassie was approached by one of the gunman and asked "Do you believe in God?" Her final words were "Yes, I believe in God."

Cassie Bernall

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