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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In China, Freedom of Religion =
Conform to Communist State Religion
With New Wave of Persecution

China Aid Association, an organization established to report the truth on Christianity in China, has reported a national wave of arrests, beatings, imprisonments, shipments to concentration camps and deaths. Hundreds of "house churches" and hundreds of Christians are being assaulted.

Chinese government officials have recently claimed that China respects freedom of religion, but the evidence is that only those churches who conform to the communist church registration requirements are given this freedom - with very few churches qualifying for registration. Churches that don't qualify operate as, what China calls, purveyors of "evil teachings."

Nationwide Crackdown on House Churches in China; Numerous Leaders Arrested; Renown Beijing Church Leader Trial Delayed Again

Freedom to conform - CHINA: Chinese leaders say a new law protects religious liberty, but unregistered house churches seem to be facing repression as usual

Today over two hundred million Christians in over 60 countries face similar persecution.
World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission"The PERSECUTION of CHRISTIANS TODAY"

World Evangelical Alliance

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