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Monday, June 13, 2005

Christianity is:
- Bigotry
- Enemies of Freedom
- Proponents of Hate

As Canada moves closer to legally recognizing same-sex marriage nationally, Kevin Bourassa, the homosexual activists behind, becomes more vocal about his opposition to the Christian Church. Bourassa has recommended that Churches that oppose same-sex marriage, should have their charitable tax status revoked. According to Bourassa, "We have no problem with the Catholic Church or any other faith group promoting bigotry. We have a problem with the Canadian government funding that bigotry."

Bourassa has demonstrateded his tolerance of Christians by referring to them as:

  • Proponents of Hate
  • Bishops of Bigotry
  • Enemies of Freedom
Passage of the same-sex marriage bill will pit conservative Parliament members against liberal members. If enacted, the proposed same-sex marriage bill would not provide legal protection to churchs who refuse to "marry" homosexuals for reasons of conscience.

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