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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Two Contrasting School Events:
- Conservative Club Stopped
- Explicit Gay Sex Condoned

Two contrasting middle/high school events in the news.

Christopher Bowler and James Milello, of Hudson High School formed the Hudson High School Conservative Club, affiliate with the national High School Conservative Clubs of America (HSCCA). The mission of HSCCA is to "support the United States Constitution, uphold the Bill of Rights, advocate the moral standards of our Founding Fathers, encourage traditional American values." The club was recognized by school officials. They hung posters on Friday and by Monday school officials removed nearly all posters. Why? School officials feared that HSCCA was religious, anti-gay and promoted violence.

Rutherford Institute Attorneys File First Amendment Lawsuit Against Mass. School for Censoring Politically Conservative Student Club Posters

High School Conservative Clubs of America

Contrast this with another school news event.

Brookline Massachusetts High School hosted a statewide "Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network" conference for children and teachers. Included in the conference, available at the front entrance, was a booklet called "The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century," which was given to middle school and high school children. The booklet included instructions such as: whether to spit or swallow cum ejaculated in your mouth; how to deal with feces during anal sex; how to conduct safe fisting; healthy watersports (urination) and more.

State-funded pornographic materials encouraging male homosexual sex acts given to high school students at recent “gay education” conference at Brookline High School.

"The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century"

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