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Monday, May 23, 2005

Saudi Arabia, Protester of Alleged U.S. Koran Desecration, Routinely Destroys Bibles

Saudi Arabia was one of the governments to protest the now-debunked Newsweek report claiming that U.S. troops were desecrating the Koran in order to get Muslim terrorists to cooperate with interrogations. News is surfacing that the Saudi policy is to confiscate Bibles where ever possible and destroy them, either by shredding, incineration or other means, along with all other non-Muslim religious symbol's.

Saudi Arabia is one of 11 countries identified on the U.S. Commission on the International Religious Freedom report as aggrieves violators of religious rights. Non-Muslim public worship services are banned. Christians performing mission work or sharing the Gospel face jail or execution.

Saudis Do Destroy Bibles, Think Tank Affirms

War on Christianity - Currently, over 200 million Christians worldwide are living under the threat of persecution

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