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Friday, April 01, 2005

"Let There Be Light"
- The Big Bang - A One-Time Event

The evolutionary theory of the known Universe holds that all matter came into existence in a single instance, known as the "Big Bang." In that moment in time, all matter was sent out into the void, forming stars and galaxies, where it is still expanding today.

The evolutionary theory of the Universe holds that, over time, the gravitational forces of the universe would cause the expansion of all matter to decelerate and eventually be drawn back into a single point. This is known as the "Big Crunch." The problem with the "Big Crunch" theory is that the evidence contradicts the theory. Instead of any deceleration, the outer-most galaxies are moving further away with increased acceleration.

The creation of the universe is a one-time event that will never happen again. But what caused the creation of the universe to happen in the beginning?

The Accelerating Expansion of the Universe

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