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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Moody Church - Religious Bigots? Purveyor of Hate? Faithful to Gods Word

Cloud Ten released a film in 2001 called Judgment. The main character, Helen Hannah, is a TV anchor who discovers the truth about Jesus while living in the post-rapture period - the time when the antichrist comes into power. The Christians are labeled the "Haters" of the human race because they remain faithful to God's Word. Society refers to Christians as "Haters" and reports them to the authorities to be arrested. The revered leader at the time is Lucifer.

There are parallels between this movie and a recent news event. The Moody Church of Chicago has openly expressed their faithfulness to the scriptural definition of homosexuality as sin and, therefore, stands opposed to "gay marriage". Pastor Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church haw written a book titled "The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage" which states that Christians should oppose all sexual sins, including homosexuality.

Homosexual Marriage activists were protesting in front of the church and the Pastors residence. They carried signs and banner that declared the church as the "House of Hate", the 'Purveyors of Hate" and other forms of hate-speech against the church and pastoral staff. Why? Because the church remained faithful to God's Word.

Homosexual Protesters Blast Moody Church as "House of Hate," then Picket Cardinal George's Residence

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