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Friday, January 04, 2008

Americans United for Separation sues to keep Needy Children Shoeless

The Edgefield and Aiken County school districts of South Carolina have allowed the "Laces 4 Love" program, run be a Baptist church, to come into their facilities each Christmas season to provide shoes to needy children. The schools identify the children and the program issues letters to the parents, seeking approval for the children to participate. The children are issued new shoes through a procedure that includes a foot washing and a message from the church.

The Americans United for Separation (AUS) objected to this program and threatened to sue the school districts to stop the distribution of shoes to needy kids. The objection raised by AUS - foot-washing is a religious rite. With AU so opposed to this "religion rituals," perhaps they never wash their own feet.

School districts continue free shoe distribution despite legal threat

And, of course, instead of following the constitutionally correct resolution, which is for the school to allow the program to function independently, Americans United for Separation pursue their mission, which is to eliminate faith from public life.

Americans United Protests South Carolina Ministry's Foot-Washing Ritual At Public Schools

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