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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

University of Montana uses Nondiscrimination Policy to Discriminate against Christian Student Group

The University of Montana has a policy of providing funding to student groups recognized by the Student Bar Association. But, since the local chapter of the Christian Legal Society holds members to certain Biblical standards, the university has refused to provide equal treatment to this student group. denying them funding. A lawsuit has been filed against Law Dean Edwin Eck, student affairs director Margaret Tonon and the board of the Student Bar Association, to correct this problem.

The defunding of the Christian Legal Society student group came down to two objections by the Student Bar Association - requiring a statement of faith and requiring sexual abstinence. And, of course, the University of Montana cites their nondiscriminatory policy as the reason for their disciminatory practices against the Christian Legal Society group.

Christian law students sue UM over funding denial

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