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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Town Threatened Arrest Because Religious Message was "Annoying"

When John Netherland discovered his faith in Jesus Christ and found victory over his addiction to alcohol and drugs, he made it his mission to speak to those who frequented the nearby bars to open their eyes to how they can be saved from their compulsive sin. But when he spoke outside the Sidelines Grill, one of the workers, Ty Stevens, called the police, reporting that his presence was annoying. Netherland cooperated with the police, but even so, they threatened to arrest him if he continued.

Joel Oster, of the Alliance Defense Fund, took the city to court to stop the unconstitutional harassment of Netherland. Oster commented, "We hope as this case moves forward that the constitutional right of Mr. Netherland and other Christians to share their religious faith in Zachary will be affirmed."

City told: Stop prosecuting 'annoying' Christian

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