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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sears and K-Mart Chose to Offend Christians for the "Holidays"

When Liberty Counsel noticed that Sears and K-Mart (both owned by Sears Holding Company) decided not to use the term "Christmas Trees" in their advertising, but instead call them "holiday trees," the counsel decided to contact the Sears Holding Company to determine where the company stood in recognizing that December 25th is Christmas. A representative responded, indicating they chose not to use the word Christmas so not to "offend any of its associated or valued customers" by acknowledging that December 25th is "Christmas." Of course, Sears Holding Company took no consideration into how they offend Christians.

Liberty Counsel targets K-Mart, Sears for refusing to use 'Christmas' in ads

Christians are considering the position that Christmas should be restored to a religious holiday, like Jewish holidays, and celebrated only by Christians, while others consider it another work day.

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