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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The "Professional" Sexualization of Children Uses "Separation of Church and State" to eliminate Abstinence Education

Schools across the country are encouraging and teaching children how to be sexually active in many perverse ways under the guise of the "comprehensive sex" education programs. Recent examples are:

The Massachusetts Chlemsford High School holds a mandatory sex-positive education program including - reenacting orgasm faces, licking condoms, eighteen references to orgasms, six references to male genitals, and eight references to female genitals, profane, lewd, and lascivious language to describe body parts and excretory functions.

Boulder High School in Colorado held a mandatory school assembly to teach the children to "have sex and encourage you to use drugs appropriately."

And with all this sexplotation of children, Cornell law professor Gary Simson is presenting the position that promoting abstinence violates the separation of church and state because "it teaches that this one belief is the only proper one."

Abstinence isn't the problem

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