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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Seattle Judge declares Poinsettias an Unconstitutional Establishment of Religion

Just when you think that anti-Christian "political correctness" (and how is being anti-Christian correct anyway) can not get more extreme, there is always another story. This time, Judge Robert Lasnik, chief judge of the federal courts in Seattle, Washinton, has determined in his own mind that the appearance of Poinsettias in the courthouse might cause the thought of "Christmas" to enter the observer's mind, leading to an unconstitutional establishment of religion. And, of course, in a city lost in the sea of liberism, people had complained about Poinsettias being an endorsement of Jesus Cnrist. So judge Lasnik, decided that all things of faith should be imprisoned from the public, has banned Poinsettias and, instead, ordered that Winter Solstice Irises, Primroses and other flowers be displayed.

Deck the courthouse with irises?

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