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Monday, December 17, 2007

Homosexuality Does Not Belong in the Workplace

Penelope Trunk published an article on Arianna Huffington's web site titled "Christmas Does Not Belong in the Workplace." The article stresses that, to promote inclusion of diversity, recognition of faith should be excluded. She presents the argument that Christmas should be considered a religious holiday and only those of the Christian faith should celebrate Christmas. But she claims she's forced to not work on December 25th, but no one is stopped her from working on that day (I believe Scrooge planned on working December 25th).

But what if her words were changed slightly, so that instead of Christmas, the article referred to homosexuality. How would some of it read?

Homosexuality does not belong in the workplace because it undermines diversity at work. And businesses that promote diversity have more profits in the long run than companies that do not have a diverse workforce.

A big problem with homosexuality is for those of us who have no reason to celebrate it.

But encouraging diversity doesn't mean diverse ways to celebrate homosexuality. Diversity is giving people space to ignore homosexuality. Yet still, homosexuality continues to permeate workplaces across the United States.

So do what you can at work, where you can argue that tolerance and diversity improve the bottom line, and you will affect change in society, where tolerance and diversity give deeper meaning to our lives.

Would this article be published by Arianna Huffington?

Christmas Does Not Belong in the Workplace

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