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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scholastic / TimeWarner Rolling-Out "Golden Compass" Religion of Atheism Curriculum into Public Schools

Scholastic, Inc. and TimeWarner Inc. are launching public school curriculum material tied to the release of "Golden Compass" film. The material will teach children the religion of Atheism - "God is Dead," targeting student grades 8-12. There is also a Student Sweepstakes for prizes, such as the book series, "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman. Pullman described one of the books, which The "Golden Compass" film is based on, "We're used to the Kingdom of Heaven; but you can tell from the general thrust of the book that I'm of the devil's party."

One teacher did research and concluded "I found a website where the author had all of his favorite quotes ... and there were some very disturbing quotes on there. I can't remember any of them word for word, but it was very anti-God -- anti-American, too. It was just very sad what I read on there; it really concerned me."

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