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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gideon Bibles OUT, Sex Kits IN
at Many Hotels

Gideons International began placing Bibles in hotels in 1908. The presence of the Gideon Bible became part of the experience of any hotel stay. Many individuals have been comforted throughout the decades because of the Gideon Bibles.

Today, Gideon International and their Bibles are under attack. ALong with legal actions against Gideons, hotels are removing the Bibles and replacing them with sex "intimacy kits." Items found in the kit may include condoms, spermicide, lubrication aids, massage oils and sexual performance items, such as Horny Goat Weed. Some hotels have gone so far as to include sexual accessories in their room service menus.

So Long, Gideons

While hotels replace the Gideon Bible with sexual apparatus, an organization called The Abimelechs states they - are an association of Atheist commercial, business, and professional men and women who have as one of their objects: The removal from circulation of the so-called Word of God or Holy Bible, from hotels, motels, hospitals, school classrooms, university dormitories, penal institutions, and many other places, and by the confiscation of New Testaments from school children, service personnel, and nurses.

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