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Friday, November 16, 2007

Colorado Official Fearful that a Christmas Tree is Illegal

The Larimer, Colorado Sheriff, Jim Alderden, does not want to fold to the anti-Christmas forces that are trying to shut-down public recognition of the holiday. So, he's planning on setting up a Christmas tree that the community can decorate. It will have the traditional lights, stars and an angel on top. This move has Frank Lancaster, the County Manager, fearful that displaying a Christmas tree could be considered illegal. Lancaster needs to check with the attorneys to determine if a Christmas tree violates the law.

The assault on Christmas is causing communities around the country to slip into a paranoia over possible litigation over the recognition of Christmas. Sheriff Alderden calls this assault the ACLU Jihad Against Christmas and wants to show, "that there are people with some common sense in our community, and that we do celebrate our heritage."

Sheriff plans traditional Christmas tree display traditional tree topped with an angel

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