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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Anti-Christmas Oppression Reminds 85-Year-Old Grandmother of Nazi Germany

According to the Plant City, Florida Chamber of Commerce, A community as blessed as Plant City is sure to honor the grace with which it is bestowed. A testament to the faith and moral character of a hometown is the variety of denominations and churches in which to worship. But for 85-year-old Mrs. Arnold and other tenants of the The Plant City Living Center, they've been informed that everything "Christmas" is to be completely cleansed from public site. The word "Christmas" is banned. Any figurines that can be construed to be a member of the Nativity is banned. Even an angel on a tree is banned.

Listen to how Mrs. Arnold, living under the anti-Christmas oppression, is reminded of living in Nazi Germany Click Here.

The American Family Association is working to protect and defend "Christmas."

Federal government tells 85-year-old grandmother not to put an angel on Christmas tree

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