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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Student Banned From High School Talent Show Because Of His Christian Song

The day before sixteen-year-old sophomore James Whipper was scheduled to perform at the Monroe Missouri High School talent show, school officials decided to ban him from the show because he had chosen to perform a Christian rap song. James had already performed at a dress rehearsal, where his selection was accepted.

James's mother, Kenyetta Whipper, had the wherewithal to present a brochure from Liberty Counsel, entitled, "Students’ Rights in Public Schools." Assistant Principal Montyne Barbee acknowledge the error in their decision and allowed James to perform in the talent show, where he won first place. Fortunately, James's mother recognized that the school was taking an unconstitutional position by banning one student from the contest based on religion.

Student Wins Talent Show After School Reverses Decision That Banned Christian Song

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